Saturday, October 07, 2006

Narkoler Naru (Coconut Laddu/ Nariyal ke laddu)

Nariyal ka Laddu

1. Coconut Powder – 2 cups
2. Mawa (Khowa) – 1 /2cup
3. Sugar – 10tsp
4. Cardamom Powder – 3pinches
5. Milk – 1 /4th cup


1. Mix the sugar with coconut powder.
2. Heat a kadhai. Put the coconut with sugar mixture and stir continuously on low flame.
3. Add khowa and stir.
4. Soon khowa, sugar and coconut powder will slightly melt.
5. Add milk and stir gently and add cardamom powder.
6. Stir continuously till excess milk evaporates and it turns sticky.While hot, make ladoos in the palm of your hand


  1. very tasty thanks

  2. thank u fr d recipe..i just made mouth watering ladoos with it