Friday, October 13, 2006

Paratha Recipe

Ingredients (To make – 2)
1. Wheat flour (ATTA) – 2cups
2. Ghee – 1tsp
3. Water to knead as required

1. Mix the wheat flour and ghee, knead into a soft dough by adding enough water.

2. Divide into small balls and roll into small round shape.
3. Apply 1 /4th tsp ghee to it.
4. Fold it and again apply 1/4th tsp ghee.
5. Fold into again and start rolling to form a triangle.

6. Heat a flat pan or TAWA.
7. Place triangle paratha on a hot TAWA or flat pan over once and smear with ghee again.
8. Cook for few second, when it starts to get small bubbles turn around and smear the other side with ghee as well.
9. Cook further for a few seconds until paratha is golden brown on both sides.
10. Serve hot with sabji and dal tadka.

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