Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rava Halwa

Ingredients(to make-3)

1. Rava / Sooji – 1 cup
2. Cardamom Powder – 2 pinchs
3. Ghee – 3-4tsp
4. Milk – 2.5cups (2 and a half cup)
5. Sugar – 6-8 tsp

For Garnishing:
1. Cashew – 10pcs (Chopped or crushed)
2. Raisins – 10-14pcs
3. Coconut Powder – 1tsp


1. Heat Ghee in a pan into low flame
2. Add RAVA (Sooji) and fry it on medium flame until it becomes a golden pink
3. Add 2.5 Cups of milk and stir it quickly so that RAVA does not form a lump
4. Add sugar and cardamom powder.
5. Stir it slowly until RAVA absorbs all the milk and it becomes thick enough ( approx 10 mins)
6. Remove it from flame. Spread it on a plate and garnished it with dry fruits.


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