Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chatpata Bhel

Ingredients:(To Make: 6)

1. Kurmure-- 200gms
2. Thin sev-- 100gms
3. Potato-- 4pcs (Medium Size boiled)
4. Coriander Leaves—1cup chopped
5. Green Chilli— 6 to 8 pcs chopped
6. Imli—1/2cup juice
7. Sugar – 2tsp(For Imli paste)
8. Tomato— 3cup (chopped)
9. Onion – 2cup (Chopped)
10. Pea nuts – 1/2cup
11. Mango – 1/4thcup (Green mango chopped)
12. Black Pepper – 1tsp
13. Salt – To taste


1. First boil the potatoes and Chopped it.
2. Take a Big Bawl, put it chopped Potato.
3. Add Onion,Tomato,Peanuts,Green Chilli, Coriander Leaves,salt.
4. Then put Kurmere ,Thin sev, Imli paste,Mango,Mix it Proper.
5. Serve it very fastly,and Garnished with Mango,Coriander Leaves and Sev.
It can be served as supper (Tea time)

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