Thursday, September 28, 2006


1. Cauliflower – 1cup (Chopped)
2. Potato – 1 /2cup (Chopped)
3. French Beans – 1/ 4th cup
4. Peas – 1cup
5. Carrot – 1 /2 cup (Chopped)
6. Capsicum (Green pepper) – 1 cup (1/ 2 cup in thick chopped )
7. Tomato – 2cup chopped
8. Ginger – 2tsp (Paste)
9. Garlic – 2tsp (Paste)
10. Onion – 1cup chopped
11. Red chili Powder – 1tsp
12. PAV BHAJI masala – 2tsp
13. Turmeric Powder – 1 /4th tsp
14. Lemon juice – 6-8tsp
15. Salt to taste
16. Chopped green coriander – 1 /4thcup for garnishing
17. Butter – 2cubes for BHAJI.
18. Oil – 2-3tsp
19. PAV

Video guide:

1. Boil all the vegetables (Potato, cauliflower, Peas, carrot, 1/2cup chopped capsicum, French beans).
2. After boiling, mash them coarsely.
3. Heat oil in a pan.
4. Put chopped onion and fry on medium flame.
5. Once the onions are light brown, add garlic, ginger paste and fry for 2-3 more minutes6
6. Add PAV BHAJI masala and fry for few seconds like 30-40 sec, add chopped tomato and fry it proper on medium flame.
7. Once cooked add the coarsely vegetables. Fry for sometimes.
8. Put salt and water. Mix and let it cook.
9. Split the PAV from the center. Take butter in a pan.
10. Heat the PAV in this pan.
11. Garnished the BHAJI with chopped onion, lime and coriander leaves.
12. Serve hot


  1. Hi..
    I've tried some recipes from ur blog, and they've come out nicely.
    This time, i tried pavbhaji.. i am not sure if it's because of the masala, but something seems to be missing. What do we do to make it taste like the ones made we get from our road side chat fellow ? could you tell what are the ingredients that we need for the masala ?

  2. Thanks Swapna.
    You are correct. If Paav Bhaji Masala is not correct, it may not come as expected. I normally preferred EVEREST Paav Bhaji masala.


  3. Hi Swapna,

    To get the perfect taste its the sourness thats missing here. I add Amchur powder and believe me its amazing...!!
    Also, outside when they make pav bhaji they add color but we dont need that right for health reasons.. so atleast we can bring the taste so we can add this amchur for that.
    I end up making at home since not available where I stay. My hubby loves it!Everest pav bhaji masala is perfect to make.