Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rabri (Indian Jayka)

Ingredients: (To Make - 3)

1. Milk - 1lit.
2. Sugar - 3-4tsp (As u like sweet)
3. Cardamom Powder - 1/4th tsp
4. Rose Water - 1/2tsp
5. Cashew nuts - 12pcs (Crushed)
6. Raisins - 12pcs
7. Almonds - 12pcs (Crushed)


1. Boil the milk on KADHAI (or any vessel) then cook slowly on a low heat.
2. Stir it on low flame for 1-2hours.
3. Keep on stirring the milk untill less than quarter the original amount.
4. Add sugar, cardamom Powder, dry fruits(cashew nuts, raisin, almonds) and stir frequently and let the cream thicken at the edge of the KADHAI.
5. When milk become thick add rose water and remove from heat.
6. Garnish with Dry Fruits.
7. Serve chilled as dessert.
Also please note, You have to be careful while should pay proper attention while thick milk stirring, it will be stuck on the bottom of the KADHAI or vessel.

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