Monday, January 29, 2007

Khasta Aloo Kachodi

1. Potato -- 2 pcs (Medium size)
2. Onion -- 1/4th cup(chopped)
3. cumin Seeds -- 1/2tsp
4. cummin powder-- 1/2 tsp(jeera powder)
5. Ginger --1/2 tsp paste
6. Red chilli powder -- 1/4th tsp orGreen chili - 3pcs (Chopped)
7. Oil - 2tsp
8. Salt to taste
9. Coriander leaves -- 1 tbsp(chooped)
10. Capsicum - 2tsp chopped finely

1. Boil and peel the potato. Mash well.
2. Take 2 tbsps of oil in a pan and heat it. Add cummin (jeera).
3. Now add the chopped onions, capsicum, salt and fry until brown.
4. Add chilli powder or Green chili, salt, Ginger paste and cummin powder and fry it for 2minutes.
5. Mix well with mashed potato and put on coriander leaves.
6. Shape into small round balls.

Poori layer:
1. Wheat flour – 1/2cup
2. Maida - 1/2cup
3. Ghee / Oil – 2tsp
4. Salt – 1/4th tsp
5. Oil for deep frying.
6. Ajwain - 2pinchs

1. Knead the wheat flour to light stiff dough with 2tsp ghee,ajwain, water and salt.
2. Divide the dough into small portion.
3. Roll each portion into a ball.
4. Flatten it in the palm and put in a little Aloo Masala mixture.
5. Close up the dough, and pinch off the excess dough.
6. Then roll out the thick poori.
7. Deep fry in oil on both sides until fluffy and light golden brown.
8. Serve it with sweet chutney or green coriander chutney.

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