Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mango mint chutney (Aam aur pudeene ki chutney)

आम और पुदीने की चटनी
  1. Green Mango - 1pc(approx 1cup)
  2. Mint leaf (Pudina)- 1/4th cup( 10 pcs leaves)
  3.  Roasted cumin powder - 2pinchs
  4. Green Chilli - 4pcs or( as per your taste)
  5.  Salt to taste


  1.      Peel mango and chopped it(remove seed).
  2.     Grind mint leaves, peeled and chopped mango pieces, green chilli, salt, roasted cumin powder and make a little thick fine paste. 
Serve as a chutney with roti,puri, rice or with snacks like samosa, pakoda etc.
1.Serve cool.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback on how it turned out. Even if you have any suggestion, please send me a comment or a personal note.
Happy cooking..


  1. Yummy.. I love this chutney..
    Pudina gave very good flavour . Basically pudina is a medicinal herb that is utilized to treat chest pains and stomach aches. It is also helpful in aromatherapy. So, it is very helpful for our health..
    I love the variation you used for this chutney.. By d way I just wan tto ask you my mumma said me that the flavour of chutney becomes double when it is made on sil batana(a rock used to make a paste). Is it true or just a myth..???

    That is a new recipe. Haven't had this earlier. Looks delicious. Glad to run the marathon with you!

  2. Its true that sil batta(batana) gives more taste. Its not myth but now-a-days its hard (if not impossible) to have a sil batta in our sophisticated homes.