Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rava Idli (Microwave)

1. Rava(Sooji, Semolina) - 2cups
2. Oil - 2tsp
3. Dahi(Yogurt)- 1cup(well beaten)
4. Mustard seeds - 1/2tsp
5. Curry Leaves - 6-8pcs
6. Hing(Asofoetida) -2pinchs
7. Roasted Chana Dal - 1tsp
8. Urad Dal - 1tsp
9. Dry Red Chilli - 2pcs(Broken into pieces)
10. Salt to taste
11. Coriander leaves(Cliantro) - 3 to 4tsp chopped
12. Water - 1cup (approx)
13. Eno Fruit Salt - 1tsp OR Soda bi carbonate(Baking soda) - 1tsp
14. Green Chilli Chopped - To taste

1. Heat Oil in pan.
2. Add hing,mustard seeds, dry broken red chilli.
3. When they start popping, add curry leaves, chana dal, urad dal & salt. Fry it sometime on medium flame.
4. When chana dal and urad dal become light brown, add rava and fry it on medium flame for 3mins.
5. When rava turning light brown then switch off the heat or flame.
6. Transfer roasted rava in a bowl and allow it to cool for 10-12 imnutes.
7. Add yogurt, Chopped Green chilli, chopped coriander leaves, water and mix well.
8. Leave it for around 20 mins.
9. Add Eno fruit salt (OR baking soda) and mix well.
10. Grease the microwave safe idli moulds with ghee Or oil and fill the moulds upto 3/4th capacity with the batter.
11. Pour 200ml water in the plate of the Idli stand and microwave on 100% power for 2 mins, cover with the lid.
(If u r in US then just put idli mould in microwave)
12. Let it be cooled in microwave for 5-6 mins.

13. Remove the idlis from the idli stand and repeat the above steps for the remaining batter.
14. Serve hot with chutney (Coconut chutney OR green chutney /sambhar)

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