Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gajar Halwa (Microwave)

Microwave Recipe


1.Carrot - 1Lb (450gram)
2. Sugar - 1/2th cup
3. Khoya - 1/4th cup
Rabri - 1/4th cup
4. Whole Milk - 1/4th cup
5. Ghee - 4tsp
6. Almonds - 10pcs sliced or finely chopped
7. Raisin - 12-14pcs
8. Cashew Nuts - 10-12pcs chopped or sliced
9. Cardamom Powder (Elaichi) - 1/4th tsp

1. Wash and grate carrots.
2. Mix grated carrots and 1tsp ghee in microwave safe bowl and put them in
microwave for 6 minutes at high temperature.
3. Take Out the bowl and add whole milk, sugar, raisins and mix it.
4. Put this bowl in microwave again for 5-7 minutes.(Stir in between once)
5. Take it out the bowl and add khoya, ghee, cardamom powder, few chopped cashew nuts, almonds and mix it.
5. Put the bowl in microwave for 5 minutes.
6. Take out the bowl and garnished with almonds and cashew nuts.
7. Serve as chilled or hot (as u like)dessert.

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